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"I believe that only the craftsmanship of handmade work can truly reflect the unique beauty of nature. By trying to imitate its wonders, we are creating our own masterpieces.".

                                                                                                                      Yana Svetlova



We created different watercolor paintings, allowing us to choose the most interesting designs adoptable for interior use. 

Our creations are inspired by nature's elements, such as water, fog, clouds, earth, and flowers. 

Pastels and naturals are the main colors of the collection, as seen in the watercolors. 

We have chosen non-woven material to give a sensation of watercolor paper. 

Our big scale repeats give an effect of a hand painted wall.


Using our own unique skills in oil painting, we have invented a new way to imitate stone and enamel, giving our wall papers an elegant and stylish look.  

Inspired by the beauty of malachite and marble, our mosaic panos have 273 x 300 cm repeat, which contains more than 300 unique tiles, each created by hand. 

Stone mosaic panos are printed on non-woven material with vinyl coating to convey the texture of stone. 

All panos repeat and match each other, allowing the covering of different sized spaces.