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Yana Svetlova Wallcoverings is an international brand of wallcoverings founded by an interior designer Yana Svetlova:

"Working with interiors I have always aspired to make walls look unique. I believe that wallcoverings we select define character of the space and help to achieve harmony between architecture and decorative concept. This particular alliance gives birth to outstanding interiors"
Today we are offering a unique range of wallcoverings of all types and styles: single colour grasscloths, silk and linen, natural wood veneers and hand painted artistic silk wallpapers. We provide solutions for private interiors and commercial projects: vip-offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, golf clubs and real estate. Yana Svetlova Wallcoverings is an illustration of subtle luxury and timeless elegance concept.
Within our collections we offer extensive colour palettes, luxurious materials and hypnotising textures to provide most inspiring experience. Our ATELIER studio is ready to customize existing designs from our collections upon your request. We can easily create absolutely unique designs from scratch particularly for your projects. Products by Yana Svetlova Wallcoverings are easy to work with. At the disposal of our customers there are some additional services: our experienced installation team is ready to help, you can also order additional waterproof and fireproof coatings.