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- Through www.yanasvetlova.com, we pay attention to make an order - you need to register.

- Email your request to office@yanasvetlova.com.

- Through our dealers in Moscow: showrooms - ARTIQUE, MANDERS.

Find out about dealers in other countries and regions upon request by e-mail office@yanasvetlova.com

or by phone +7 (967) 062-80-06

Why are seams visible on all your wallpaper made from natural materials?

The visible joint of the docking is a visiting card of natural wallpaper, showing that each canvas is a living material that has individuality and natural origin. Depending on the material and how it looks, the seams will be visible in different ways. For models with an active pattern and textured grass weaving, the seams are more noticeable, for textile models and wallpaper with a calmer pattern, the seams will be barely noticeable.

What are the conditions for cooperation with designers?

It is necessary to pass accreditation in our database, for this you need to send a diploma or a link to your website (or a professional page on a social network) to office@yanasvetlova.com, as well as completed projects. After that, we conclude an agency agreement with you. For designers and studios we provide a professional discount.

Wallcoverings available or on order? How much to expect delivery?

We have a warehouse program. In order to get acquainted with all the articles of wallpapers that are available at our warehouse in Moscow, write to e-mail office@yanasvetlova.com and we will send you the articles from the warehouse program. Basically, all wallcoverings are on order. Digital collections with prints are made in 7 days, natural coverings and orders for art printing are delivered in 35-40 days, art painting is 60 calendar days. Upon request, we can quickly deliver some articles on natural collections in 10-12 days.

How to get samples?

To get acquainted with our coatings, we send a small set of free cut samples for permanent use. They present 7-10 samples from 4 basic collections (sisal, abaca, silk and grasscloth) and price. To order samples, write to office@yanasvetlova.com. We can also send textile cards and basic books with all samples for the project with the courier so that you can discuss and choose what you need with the customer. Materials and books are provided on bail.

How to care for natural wallpaper?

Care for natural and textile wallcoverings is usually a dry, delicate cleaning. But when ordering wall coverings, we provide an additional service - a service for applying water-repellent impregnation, thanks to which natural wallpapers are not afraid of stains, liquids and wet cleaning. You can easily remove even stains from wine or soy sauce!